Handy Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

Whether you’re dealing with a dripping faucet or a busted pipe, you don’t have to call a professional plumber to fix the plumbing issue. Every homeowner can address plumbing issues if they know what to do in the first place once they’ve identified the problem.

While it’s no fun to deal with plumbing issues, taking action right away will help prevent worsening the already overwhelming situation. Here are helpful plumbing tips and tricks for homeowners.

Check Leaks Right Away – Most homeowners disregard leaks as long as they’re not alarming enough to cause flooding inside or outside the house. Although you can get away with ignoring leaks for a few hours, it’s crucial to inspect the issue at once to prevent more prominent problems. Aside from checking leaks, it’s also essential to check your plumbing after every project.

Use Plumber’s Tape When Necessary – Also known as Teflon tape, a plumber’s tape is essential to every homeowner who needs to seal pipe threads. By wrapping the pipe thread with Teflon tape, you can prevent leaks from joints and fittings. Whenever you have a plumbing project, don’t forget to use the tape to make sure there are no leaks afterward.

Avoid Over-tightening Fittings – One of the common mistakes made by homeowners when either fixing their plumbing or installing pipes is over-tightening fittings. The common DIY mistake usually leads to leaks due to broken bolts and screws. When tightening your fittings and connections, don’t forget to avoid over-tightening to prevent doing more damages than good to your plumbing. 

Watch Out What You Throw Down the Drain – As much as possible, avoid throwing anything down the kitchen drain so you won’t have to deal with clogged pipes. Proper garbage disposal will help keep your pipes clean and clear of clutter. Coffee grounds and food debris are among the more common materials found in most clogged pipes. By keeping an eye on where you dispose of your food waste, you won’t have to run into this kind of plumbing issue.

Locate Shut-Off Valves – Every homeowner must know where the shut-off valve and drain are located to make life easier in case you run into a plumbing issue. Knowing the location of shut-off valves will allow you to shut down the water supply right away once you encounter a problem.

Since not everyone has the time to fix plumbing issues in their house, SEE Solutions and Plumbing Services can help diagnose and repair your plumbing problems at home. With their expertise, they can provide the right solution to any plumbing issues. Contact now, and they will make sure you’ll have peace of mind once you’ve hired a professional plumbing services.