Plumber Blogging: 10 Blog Post Ideas for Plumbing Businesses

Are you a plumbing business with a blocked blog?

Maintaining a consistent blogging schedule when you’re clean out of ideas can be tough. The whole process becomes a slog. After a while, you wish you’d never started the blog in the first place.

However, in this post I want to give you an inspirational helping hand.

The following 10 blog post ideas for plumbing businesses can together form the entire body of your blogging calendar. Each one simply needs a few adaptations to match the circumstances of your company and its customers.

Let’s get the ideas flowing!

1. Most frequently asked plumbing questions

Why is flushing my toilet so noisy? How do you avoid frozen pipes? What’s the difference between hard water and soft?

You’ll know the questions you get asked over and over again. Turn some of the answers to these popular questions into blog posts. Explain to readers how they can prevent damage occurring and how to fix minor problems themselves.

People will be typing these questions into their search engines. The more of these questions and answers you have, the more likely people needing your services will find you.

Don’t worry about answering questions too well which allow the customer to fix the problem themselves. In most cases they’ll try, and fail, and then get on the phone to you.

2. Emergency plumbing solutions

It’s unlikely a homeowner whose blocked toilet is overflowing onto the bathroom floor is going to bother reading a blog post. However, an emergency plumbing solution post is not written for happening-right-now problems.

Sometimes people are aware they have a problem in the offing. They know they should get it fixed but perhaps money or time is not on their side, so they prepare by reading what they should do if the worst happens.

When the shit does eventually hit the floor, your name will be in their mind thanks to the helpful information you provided.

3. A hard plumbing truth

Is there a problem you see homeowners dealing with every day of the week? Perhaps in your regional area hard water is an issue, for example. The high mineral content is causing more frequent damage to equipment. You can write a detailed blog post stating the causes and consequences.

Inside the post you can also provide tips and advice on how to mitigate problems that occur and how to best avoid related negative issues arising in the future.

The cold hard plumbing truth can be technical or it can focus on a legal or economic issue homeowners will need to think about. Readers will see you as an honest and frank professional they can trust.

4. Biggest plumbing myths

Plumber blog post ideas

The drain is in good condition if things go down it, right? You’ll know this isn’t always the case but many homeowners won’t. Take some of the most common misconceptions you come across in your daily work and turn them into blog posts. Detail the plumbing myth and then debunk it.

You can write a multi-myth list-style blog post like this Delaware Valley plumbing company did or you can take one myth at a time. A fine example of the latter comes from an Australian plumber who pulverised the myth that all plumbers still use Electric Eels or Metal Snakes to clear blocked storm water drains.

5. Tips on saving money

Can changing your shower head save you money? Homeowners, especially during difficult economic times, are looking for ways to save money wherever they can.

Provide your customers with a wealth of tips, advice and strategies to reduce their costs when it comes to matters of water, power and infrastructure. Explain how the changes can retain the quality they already enjoy whilst also soothing their bank balance.

Your readers will again see you as a trustworthy expert they can rely on to help carry out the required changes.

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6. Buying guide

Help readers select and purchase the right fittings they need for their home. Think of the common fixtures you install every week and the various options that are available. For the inexperienced, choosing the right valves, toilets or shower heads can be a headache.

An example of a guide for buyers comes from a British plumbing company which explores the art of choosing the right shower for the right system.

This type of blog post will catch potential customers at the stage where they are looking to make changes to their home. By giving them good quality and helpful guidance that genuinely helps their decision making, you’ll be on their mind when it comes to installation.

7. Surf the news

As plumbers you’ll instinctively be attuned to plumbing-related news stories. Think of something in the media recently which caught your attention and might be of interest to your readership. It can be serious or it can be amusing.

For example, if it’s winter you can write about the latest freezing cold weather which has caused damage to pipes. In this post you can offer solutions on how to unfreeze pipes without damaging them.

Other stories might be funny such as the drastic way to stop men leaving the toilet seat up called the ‘Main Drain’.

These news stories will get you search engine attention plus be entertaining for your regular readers.

8. Personal stories and anecdotes

Plumbing Blog Post Stories

Plumbing blogs, like all business blogs, are not only about serving answers to problems. They are also about connecting with readers on a more personal level. Blogging is a conversation.

With this in mind, write some blog posts about you and the experiences you’ve had during your plumbing career. Tell some stories about the jobs you’ve had to do, the people you’ve met and even some of the mishaps that occurred (but which you fixed). Why did you become a plumber? (Great example: Why I Got Into the Plumbing Business)

You can also weave personal details into the previously mentioned blog posts. Mention your wife every now and then. Say when and where you’re going on holiday. Connect a plumbing issue to a problem your friend or relative had.

All this will make you more relatable to people. They’ll trust and like you before they even meet you.

9. Behind the scenes of your plumbing company

Another way to build the trust factor is by showing people how your business is run on a day-to-day basis. Take photos of your staff and of your premises. Write about who gets into the office first in the morning and what they do. Profile a new apprentice.

You might be surprised how much the human factor interests people, even those new to your website. Whist these should remain an occasional part of your blogging schedule, they are a good way to build your personal brand and showcase your professionalism and ethos.

10. About your local region

What’s special about your area of the country? As a local business you’ll be seeking to attract customers from the local region. In order to get these people finding you online, much of your content will need to focus on the names of the cities and counties you serve.

A good way to do this is by writing about news, events, landmarks and anything else of interest nearby. Try to relate it all to plumbing in some way but you can also write the occasional off-topic piece like a Tennessee plumbing company did in their post 41 Facts About Knoxville.

Another example shows how a British plumbing company incorporated a location when talking about problems arising from a change in kitchen designs.

Turn the taps on!

Experiment with all 10 of these business blog post ideas for plumbers. Test which ones gain the most views and also the type you enjoy writing the most.

It’s important to find some satisfaction in blogging. When you enjoy the process, this carries over to the reader and you’ll find increased engagement as a result.

What other ideas can you think of for a professional plumber’s blog?

Plumbing offers huge blogging potential. When preparing this blog post I came up with 46 blog post ideas for plumbers but narrowed it down to just 10. If you’re a plumbing company serious about blogging then I can help you develop a long-term strategy for blog content creation. Get in touch if you’re interested in working together.

Creative Commons image attributions: Wild plumbing from Kevin Dooley | The revenge of the sucker from clement127

This post was originally published on 17 February 2015.