Plumbing For a Green Home and Lower Water Bills

Water conservation is a big part of being more environmentally friendly, especially in your home. We all use clean water for cooking, drinking, cleaning, and laundry and produce a fair amount of wastewater in the meantime. But with the right design and plumbing features your home can be a greener place to live. And you’re sure to enjoy lower water bills after investing in these plumbing projects.

Install Water-Saving Fixtures

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Changing out your existing faucets and taps is a great way to regulate the use of your water. It could be as simple as putting in an aerated shower head that uses less to produce similar coverage. Or you could go with something a little more complicated and opt for a regulated flowing faucet.

Regulated faucets work on a timer or other limiting mechanism to provide only a certain amount of water at a time. Much like those seen in public bathrooms, these faucets will release a limited amount of water each time the lever or button is pushed. This eliminates the water that is wasted while you’re brushing your teeth or brushing your hair or doing anything else with the water still running needlessly.

Installing water-saving plumbing fixtures is a painless and affordable way to improve the levels of water usage in your home. For a relatively small investment, you can enjoy lower monthly bills and know that you are wasting less.

Dual Flush Toilets Do the Job

Toilets are almost purely functional although the form and shape can make a statement in your bathroom. Whatever look you choose, it’s important that your toilet includes a dual flush feature.

This design allows you to minimize the water used for the flushing process at times, while still providing the power and pressure needed for other times. Generally there are two buttons or two positions on the lever that put the control in your hands. These toilets are also a great way to teach kids the value of water conservation and get them involved in creating a greener home for your family.

Ask Your Plumber About Leak Detection

Tips for Detecting Leaks in Your Home - Parker & Sons

Often used in industrial applications, there are leak alerts or detectors that can be used in your home to give you fair warning about problems and issues. Not only is this a wise way to protect your home from the damages that leaks and flooding can bring, but it’s also a smart way to cut back on the water wasted when there is a leak present.

Even small, continuous leaks can result in major amounts of water wasted. If an affordable, out of the way device can eliminate that occurrence you are smart to have it installed.

Wherever you use water there is likely a way to limit, monitor, or reduce the amount used, which will, in turn, result in better conservation and a greener home. From water-saving plumbing fixtures to dual flush toilets and leak detection devices, there are plenty of small plumbing projects that will improve your home and reduce your water bills. Talk to a qualified plumber about these projects and get started.